It all started with a vision.
Foreign opened up early 2019 in Toronto, Ontario Canada. When we first started up our name was Foreign Jewels and we primary sold to friends and family who wanted to support our small business. It wasn't until mid 2019 when we got serious with the quality and design of our foreign jewellery to ensure satisfaction to anyone who bought from us. We hit the drawing board and started coming up with 100s of potential designs for pendants and creative ways to display the message of Foreign. As we approached holiday season we decided to officially launch our company to the internet for our foreign family to explore.
Fast forward to 2020 our company is growing quickly and  have already provided 1000's of customers with the highest quality of affordable jewellery offered in the market. Foreign hopes to continuously bring products to our Foreign family and work hard to get you those orders! We currently have 3 employees who help ensure packages get delivered and customer satisfaction is met. we also have a dedicated customer care team that reaches out to the foreign family if they have any concerns or issues with an order.
Foreign products are all 14 - 18 Karat gold electro - plated which is the highest quality offered (stay tuned as we are working with jewelers to bring in solid gold items into play)
If you have any further questions about our business feel free to email us at and we will be happy to assist you as soon as we can.