Creative Design
Our experienced jewellery-designers will draft out a structure according to your idea merged with the latest hip hop jewellery fashion. You're encouraged to free your mind with your creativity when it comes to custom jewellery. And detailed communication is needed to ensure you like the design. We aim for the most aesthetic design for every single piece created. If you can imagine it, we can
create it.
Premium Quality Materials
Hand-picked AAA CZ, VVS Stone and VS1 coming soon. Real 14K or 18K gold plated (5 times plated), 925 sterling silver or brass as the base material.
A Passion For Crafting

 Simply put, we love creating jewellery. Every diamond is inlaid using wax inlay, so you can see that diamonds inlaid in our jewellery are neatly arranged. Together
with our skilled craftsmanship, the jewellery is perfectly presented.
Competitive Price
Perhaps you’ve tried to reach out for some other jewellery brands but were drawn out by the price, most of these brands are over priced and well over everyone's budget. We change the game. its a nice feeling having jewellery but its a much better feeling when you still have money in your bank.

Worldwide Service
 Our team ships worldwide. Shipping times vary.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
not satisfied with your order? no worries send us an email at to arrange a return within 30 days of receiving the product.